Controlling cheap retro-fit electric blinds with an Arduino

Electric blinds are petty standard nowadays but 30 years ago not so much so I was searching for an easy solution without the need to completely renew everything in the house. 

I found a cheap electric blind motor that can be retrofitted without huge effort but of course I also wanted to control them remotely. Internet of things and so.. 🙂

The solution was: Arduino w. Ethernetshield connected to a relay-board and a dismantled GW60 remote control w. control wires soldered onto the PWB. 

Works like a charme since two years and is meanwhile also integrated into my FHEM based Smart Home System. 

The sketch for Arduino is just a Webinterface switching on and off the relays. I implemented some logic as the remote supports up to three independent channels by pressing the channel number of the desired target blind first and I also played a bit with timings for up/down/stop the achieve half and fully closed blinds but apart from that this Arduino Sketch should do as a starter. 


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